Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to shrink wrap?

No shrink wrapping is actually easier than most shipping methods. Please refer to our training video for tips.

What if there is moisture in the air/item I am wrapping?

We have a couple different items that can help with that. Our desiccant and vents. Please refer to our website for the formula for the desiccant and a minimum of 4 vents should be used when wrapping a smaller boat or vessel, 8+ for larger boats/vessels.

Can the heat from the heat tool damage what I am shrinking?

The heat tool must be used according to the manufactures directions. Be sure that the heat tool is not used in one spot for an extended period of time, use a sweeping motion without going over the shrink film too much or it will thin the wrap too much and holes may occur.

How do I repair holes?

Holes are a common occurrence in shrink wrapping. If you experience small holes, simply patch with a piece of tape, big enough to cover the hole. If you end up with a larger hole or tear use a piece of shrink film as a patch. Cut the piece big enough to cover and still be able to shrink it. Hold with tape and weld the film patch to the item you are shrinking.

What if I need to get into the item I just shrunk, can I?

Of course! We stock zippers that are designed to allow access and inspection. Just tape the zipper on what you have just shrink wrapped and cut an access hole through the shrink wrap inside the zipper.

What other items might I need to shrink wrap?

We have a number of items to make whatever you are shrinking easier. We stock a woven poly strapping for a tie down or holding the film to a pallet. Buckles to hold the strapping tight.  A tensioning tool to pull the strapping tight. Safety Cutters for easily cutting the film. Gloves to protect arms and hands during the shrink process. Tape for holes or seams. Desiccant to absorb moisture. And much more. Refer to our website for all of our in stock items or specialty items. Better yet, call or email any of our friendly and helpful team members for any hints or help you might need.

How can I be sure of the quality of the shrink film?

We monitor the quality of each and every run of shrink film. Since we manufacture most of our shrink wrap above industry standards, we stand behind the products we sell to be superior to others in the market.

How will I know what film would be suit my application?

Zormot Int. Inc. Has friendly and professional customer service representatives available to help you best determine the shrink wrap that will suit your needs. Always obtain as much information as possible so we can come up with the best solution for your needs. Whether it is for containment, machinery, marine, vehicles, etc. Shipping domestic, export, open truck, closed truck, container or flat bed, we will be sure you receive the best advice for all your wrapping/shipping needs.

Why should I use 6 sided wrap on a domestic open truck?

It is very important to stop wind from entering the package there by causing blow-off.

Will I still need to use a tarp for open truck shipments?

No, that is the wonderful think about shrink wrapping. When applied correctly, it eliminates the need for tarps, therefore saving time and money. Most freight companies have an additional tarp charge, or it could be a hidden cost, and most of all tarps are usually dirty and full of holes, which could compromise what you are shipping.

Can shrink film catch on fire?

Yes, it can! That is why it is imperative to take safety precautions and keep a fire extinguisher handy and to not hold the heat in one position for too long.

My machine is very large, how can I wrap it efficiently?

This is explained in the introduction video. Welding together two pieces makes wrapping large objects a breeze.  

How can I get the best shrink wrap package for open truck domestic shipments?

Either tape all the seams with Zormot’s tape, heat the tape slightly after applying to seal the adhesive, or put a “bra” in the front if the package. By welding a large piece of film over the front you eliminate those seams most likely to fail due to wind resistance.

Should I wrap shipments for Canada or Mexico with VCI or would I use a domestic method?

It depends on the item being shipped, however, if the shipment is not going to be in long term storage, we suggest our normal domestic method with vents and an inspection door. If you are uncertain, we are here to help you make that decision.

My machinery has delicate electronics and valuable accessories attached, will shrink wrapping damage them?

NO! In fact, quite the opposite. If one or more of the components were to come loose or drop off during shipment, the shrink wrap would actually contain the part until its arrival.

Should I use desiccant & 8408 corrosion inhibitor with VCI film?

Some of our customers use one, both or neither. Think of these as added insurance. How much is enough and how much is too much? The added cost is minimal for adding these items. Remember, Good…Better…Best

What if I am doing a large project and my heat tool breaks down and I cannot wait while it is repaired?

We have heat tools that we loadout for just those types of emergencies. Call us and we will send one out to you right away. 1-800-459-5422

What if this is a one-time packaging job and I don’t want to purchase a heat tool?

We have a rental program available strictly for these situations. We charge $50/day for the Heat Tool Kit rental and $75/day for the kit with extension. The charge is assessed when the heat tool reaches the destination, not during travel.

What if my heat tool needs repair?

You may call us and talk with one of our trained technicians or simply send the took to us and we can usually prepare a quote and, repair the tool and return within 24 hours

How will customs inspect my products?

You need to use our Inspection Zipper Doors. They are 36”x36” poly zippers which allow easy access. This is also good for shipment into Canada and Mexico.

Do I have to wait for the arrival of transport truck/container to shrink wrap?

No, this is the excellent benefit of shrink wrap. If you need valuable floor space and you’re unable to ship right away, you can move a wrapped package outside until shipping s required. This is not a long term solution unless your item is wrapped for it.

How does VCI (vapor corrosive inhibitor) film work?

Interact VCI is a resin additive extruded into our specific blend of polyethylene film, which when applied to a commodity for export shipment, inhibits corrosion through the disposition of vapor on ferrous parts. The surface is protected without affecting the electrical or mechanical properties of the part. In laboratory tests identical Carbon Steel C1010 test coupons were placed in 0.010 thick LDPE bags, manufactured from film with and without Interact VCI concentrate (3%): the components were subjected to an environment of 100% relative humidity at 100F° for twelve (12) weeks. The coupons in the Interact VCI modified film was rust free, even though condensation was inside the bags.

How can I protect export shipments that are too large for container?

The use of VCI film or VCI paper with a .008 or .010 gauge film and 8408 corrosion inhibitor provides excellent protection with or without crating and/or flat rack applications.

If my export shipment gets violated (exposed to air), will the VCI still work?

No, if the oxygen is introduced into the package, you will lose protection.

How do I dispose of excess shrink wrap?

You can call a manufacturer that recycles and they will take it. You can also check with a local recycler to see if they will take it. The symbol for our film is LDPE #4 We do not use recycled plastic, our shrink wrap is 100% virgin resin to manufacture our shrink wrap


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