Polythene Shrink Film

Polythene Shrink Film

Wondering if you should use polythene shrink film?

When you have products to ship and need to keep shipping costs down, consider using polythene shrink film.

Benefits of using polythene shrink film

Known for its strength and durability, polythene shrink film allows you to wrap products individually or together. Smaller items can be wrapped together to form a larger bundle and placed on one pallet instead of in multiple boxes. This helps you keep shipping costs down by giving you flexibility depending on how you need to transport your items. It also cuts down on waste.

Polythene shrink film, also known as polyethylene shrink film, is puncture-resistant, resistant to rotting, and is able to maintain its structural integrity over time. This allows manufacturers to plan for longer storage times. In addition, polythene shrink film can be manufactured to different thicknesses so you are able to get the exact heat shrink film to meet your needs every time.

Unlike other forms of shrink film, such as PVC shrink film, polythene shrink film is better for the environment due to its ability to be recycled. And it is more user friendly since it does not produce toxic fumes when it is heated.

Why Zormot International?

Zormot International was founded by Roz & Tom Kerkstra in 1992. After years in the transportation industry, they realized that to effectively move and store large machinery and manufactured equipment there needed to be a change. Through experience and hard work, Zormot has become the industry leader in the global shrink wrap market. We are the only shrink film manufacturers that make large custom bags fitted to a customer’s specifications. Zormot strives to have the best solutions for our customer’s shrink wrap needs without the worry of costs, deadlines, or guesswork. Our products are used worldwide in the industrial, agriculture, marine, automotive, and defense industries.

Our promise to you

When you choose Zormot International as your polythene shrink film provider, you’ll never have to worry about delays on our end holding up your business. We offer same-day shipping for all orders submitted before 2:00 PM EST. And if you miss the deadline your order will ship the next business day. If your heat tool breaks in the middle of a job, we can provide you with a replacement. We will then have your heat tool repaired and returned within 24 hours.

We also offer everything you need to get the job done – from protective supplies to strapping supplies to the highest quality heat tools. If you are unsure which of our shrink films would best suit your needs, our customer service reps are here to answer all your questions.

We promise the highest quality products. Our shrink wrap is manufactured from 100% virgin resin, not recycled plastic. We monitor the quality of each and every run of shrink film to ensure the quality of the film. Since we manufacture most of our shrink wrap above industry standards, we stand behind the products we sell to be superior to others in the market.

Our commitment to proper polythene shrink film disposal

At Zormot, we take pride in our community and our ability to give back to those in need. We regularly partner with churches and schools to provide slip-n-slide materials for fundraising events. We also provide ongoing product education in an effort to reduce waste and protect the environment by raising awareness for proper shrink wrap disposal. Through these efforts, we strive to live in unity with our community, customers, and world.

If you are unsure of which product you need, give us a call at 800.459.5422 or send us an email at info@zormot.com.

Our friendly and professional customer service representatives are available to help you best determine the shrink wrap that will suit your needs. Whether you are shipping domestic, export, open truck, closed truck, container, or flatbed, we will be sure you receive the best advice for all your wrapping and shipping needs.