VCI Paper – 6′ x 600′



Zor-Pac™ VCI Paper is designed to inhibit rust and corrosion.  The VCI chemical impregnated into the paper, vaporizes from the paper, dissolving in any moisture that has condensed on the metal’s surface, rendering the moisture non-corrosive



  • The packaging of overseas shipments
  • Storage of raw materials or finished parts
  • Steel mills or foundries
  • Wherever the presence of condensation exists



  • MPI product for use with all metals and alloys
  • Provides protection to areas of items where an application of a grease or oil preservative would be impossible
  • Eliminates complicated cleaning and preserving operations associated with grease and oil type preservatives
  • When protected by Zor-Pac™ VCI paper, essential stored items are ready for immediate use whenever needed.

Weight137 lbs
Dimensions72 × 10 × 10 in


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