Shrink Wrap Film Suppliers in Michigan

Shrink Wrap Film Suppliers in Michigan

Need to find shrink wrap film suppliers in Michigan?

If you are in need of shrink wrap film suppliers in Michigan, then look no further than the professionals at Zormot International Inc. We are a family-owned company with over 25 years of experience. Founded by Roz & Tom Kerkstra, they realized from their years in the transportation industry that to effectively move and store large machinery and manufactured equipment there needed to be a change. Zormot was created in 1992 to fill this need through a customized shrink wrapping process.

Through experience and hard work, Zormot has become the industry leader in the global shrink wrap market. As shrink wrap manufacturers, we provide premium products with personal and professional customer service. We are the only shrink wrap film suppliers in Michigan that make large custom bags fitted to a customer’s specifications. Zormot strives to have the best solutions for our customer’s shrink wrap needs without the worry of costs, deadlines, or guesswork. Our products are used worldwide in the industrial, agriculture, marine, automotive, and defense industries.

We know that the transportation industry moves fast. Our team’s dedication to providing shrink wrap service means that your business never has to be held up due to a lack of supplies. Just get in touch with us before 2:00 PM EST and we will make sure that your order is shipped the same day so that your business can keep moving.

If your heat tool breaks down before you complete your shrink wrap, we have heat tools to loan out so that you can get back to your project without having to wait for your tool to be repaired. We have trained technicians available for you to speak with and most repairs are completed and returned within 24 hours. For customers who are looking for shrink wrap film suppliers in Michigan and have a one-time packaging job, we offer a heat tool rental program.

Need marine shrink wrapping for your boat?

Visit our shop HERE for all your shrink wrapping needs. We have everything you need to make sure your boat is protected for the winter or for transporting. In addition to a variety of premium shrink film to choose from, we also carry:

● Shrink tape
● Vents
● Clips
● Film cutters
● Gloves
● Strapping buckles
● Tension tools
● Woven cord strapping
● Zippers
● Desiccant
● Heat tools

We also monitor the quality of each and every run of shrink film. Since we manufacture most of our shrink wrap above industry standards, we stand behind the products we sell to be superior to others in the market.

Need help deciding?

With so many options of film to choose from, it can be difficult to know which film you will need. Zormont has friendly and professional customer service representatives available to help you best determine the shrink wrap that will suit your needs. We ask that you obtain as much information as possible so we can come up with the best solution. Whether it is for containment, machinery, marine, or vehicles – shipping domestic, export, open truck, closed truck, container, or flatbed, we will be sure you receive the best advice for all your wrapping/shipping needs.

Zormot is proud to be part of the community by giving resources, providing ongoing product education, and donating to community needs. One of our current goals is education on proper shrink film disposal which protects our environment. Locally, through churches and schools, we sponsor and provide materials for multiple slip-n-slide events many of which are also fundraising events for needs in our community. Through these efforts, we strive to live in unity with our community, customers, and world.

If you are looking for shrink wrap film suppliers in Michigan, come visit our shop or give us a call at 800.459.5422. We exist to help you protect your projects and equipment to the highest standard possible. We would cease to exist if we didn’t have happy clients.