Thermal Shrink

Thermal Shrink

Preparing your boat for the offseason or storage? Use thermal shrink.

During the warmer months, boats provide countless opportunities for relaxation, exercise, socializing, and connecting with nature. And when it’s time to take the boat out of the water, you want to make sure you are doing your best to protect such a significant investment. When it comes to protecting your boat during the winter, boat owners have three main options to choose from – plastic, canvas, or thermal shrink. Knowing which one to use will depend on your budget and the level of protection needed.

When your boat is on the water and being used throughout the season, having a boat cover is enough to keep your boat safe from the elements. When it comes time to take your boat out of the water and prepare it for either indoor or outdoor storage, using a cover for protection can lead to damage to your boat. Two popular materials for boat covers are plastic tarps and canvas covers. However, accumulating snow and ice can destroy covers before the winter season is over leaving your boat exposed and they can chip or scrape off the paint as they blow about in the wind. Heat shrink wrap is a low-cost way to make sure your boat stays protected through the offseason. And at Zormot International, we have everything you need to get the job done.

Benefits of using boat shrink wrap

Unlike plastic tarps or canvas covers, once thermal shrink is on it won’t move. Which means it won’t flap around or chafe the finish of your boat. Sheets of shrink wrap can also be easily joined together so there are no limitations as to the size and shape of the boat that can be protected. And unlike a custom cover, it doesn’t have to be expensively stored and maintained every year. Another benefit of shrink wrapping your boat is that it will still be clean and ready to use when you remove the thermal shrink at the end of winter. You also have the ability to install zippers in case there is a need for maintenance and have proper ventilation to suppress mildew. As an added bonus, any tears or holes in the shrinkwrap film are easily fixed with heat shrink tape or a smaller piece of film.

At Zormot, our marine shrinkwrap is a specifically designed marine grade plastic film which is heat shrunk tight against your boat. Our marine shrinkwrap comes in white, blue, and clear so we can meet your needs no matter where you live. Our blue wrap is recommended for anyone living in a northern climate since it absorbs heat and allows snow and ice to fall from the cover. For southern climates, white wrap reflects heat and keeps your covered boat cooler. If you are unsure of which boat shrink wrap would work best for you, just reach out. Our team of trained specialists is here to answer any questions you may have.

Supplies needed to thermal shrink your boat

In addition to being a cost-effective way to protect your boat in the offseason, shrinkwrapping is something that you can do on your own with the right equipment. And Zormot has everything you need to get the job done. We recommend gathering the following materials before you start:
● Thermal shrink
● Strapping system
● 2×4 boards
● Heat tool
● Heat shrink tape
● Vents
● Hand saw
● Tape measure
● Safety gloves
● Stapler
● End caps for each of the wooden uprights
● Ladder
● Zipper hatch

Due to the flammability of the shrink wrap, we also recommend having a fire extinguisher available at all times. At Zormot your safety is important to us. That is why we also offer Safety Data Sheets, Product Information Print-outs, Instructional Documents, and Instructional Videos about our shrink films.

If you are looking for thermal shrink for your boat, come visit our shop or give us a call at 800.459.5422. At Zormot International we have affordable solutions for your heat shrink wrap needs.