Inspection Doors: Access to Your Shrink Wrapped Items

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One of the best things about shrink wrap is that, once applied, it seals off the object from the elements until you remove the wrap. Because of this, one of our frequently asked questions is: 

“What if I need to get into the item I just shrunk? Can I?” 

The answer is that you can! Of course you can. Zormot International stocks zippers and inspection doors that are designed to allow you access to your items without tampering with the wrap. Let’s talk about how they work. 

What Are Shrink Wrap Zippers? 

Our zipper products are designed to provide users easy access to their shrink-wrapped items. The zippers are made from a 200-denier nylon fabric. They’re waterproofed and coated with acrylic adhesive and have a poly-coated release liner. They also have a Vislon zipper manufactured by Y.K.K. Inc. with hardened nylon teeth that stand up to use. Our zippers are reusable. 

Shrink wrap inspection doors or access doors function as an entryway for shrink wrapped objects and covers. They are secured with shrink wrap tape and must be installed after the wrapping process is complete.  When you add them, be careful about their placement. You need to ensure there is nothing behind the door you could damage when you remove your excess shrink wrap during installation. 

How to Install Shrink Wrap Zipper Inspection Doors

Installing either a shrink wrap zipper or an inspection door is simple. For a door, it’s a 5-step process: 

  • Choose the spot you would like to access
  • Tape the entire perimeter of the access door to your shrink wrapped object
  • Unzip the door, roll it up, and tape it
  • Cut an opening in the shrink wrap with your film cutter
  • Zip the door closed

That’s it! Simple, right?

Zormot has different size inspection doors available, including 36” x 48”, 36” x 72”, and 30” x 72”. These doors are UV and water resistant and can be used inside or outside as a reclosable option to contain dust or use as an entranceway into shrink wrapped enclosures. Their double-pull zipper can be operated from either side of the door. 

We also offer straight zipper doors in sizes 12”, 18”, 24”, 60”, 72”, 84”, and 96”. The sizes listed are the dimensions of the plastic perimeter of the zipper or door. They are not the size of the opening itself. 

If you need a zipper or access door to inspect your items, Zormot is here to help. Call us anytime at 1-800-459-5422 with your shrink wrap questions. We are happy to help! 

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