Seal Your Building with Scaffolding Shrink Wrap

scaffolding shrink wrap

In a previous blog we discussed how shrink wrap is far superior to using tarps when you need to protect your property. This is true no matter how large the object is. Shrink wrap is often used to seal buildings when they are being renovated, repaired, or completed. This is because it’s water resistant, remains tightly in place once applied, and is extremely durable. Scaffolding shrink wrap solves many problems. Let’s take a look at its benefits. 

Why Should You Use Scaffolding Shrink Wrap?

Not all scaffolding needs to be covered, but if you have a large restoration project or construction build that needs to be protected from the elements or otherwise concealed, shrink wrap is the perfect solution. Using tarps attached with bungee cords is both unsightly and allows the elements in. Shrink wrap seals very tightly, drum tight, when it’s applied with a heat tool. It creates a protective skin over the scaffolding or roof. It will not flap, even in high winds. It’s extremely robust and durable. 

Shrink wrap doesn’t just protect buildings from the elements, it also protects workers. During construction or a renovation project, your team can work while remaining dry and protected from winds or wind chill. In fact, due to the greenhouse effect, shrink wrap will elevate the temperature within, making it more pleasant to work in during colder months. This extends the construction season and allows workers to keep working when they might otherwise be prevented by the weather. 

Scaffolding shrink wrap is: 

Water repellent – It works far better than tarps or loose plastic covering for keeping the water out and the environment dry. 

Flexible – Shrink wrap can be heat welded to other sheets very easily, making it very effective at containment. You can cover any size or shape building using continuously bonded shrinkfilm.

UV resistant – The external skin created with shrinkfilm also helps protect workers from prolonged exposure to the sun in sunny climates. All of our films have UV inhibitors built into the film.

Attractive – As opposed to other traditional coverings, shrink wrap creates a clean, tight skin that is pleasant to look at. In heavily trafficked areas, it keeps unsightly construction out of the eye of the public. It also minimizes construction dust or residue, keeping the area clean. 

Recyclable – Shrink wrap can be easily removed at the end of any project and recycled for future uses

There are so many reasons to use shrink wrap for large construction projects. While its tight fit and protective qualities are probably the most important, protection for workers and the environment also rank highly in the list of reasons you should consider this product if you need to enclose your scaffolding. Whatever your construction need, the sky’s the limit with shrink wrap. If you have any questions about scaffolding shrink wrap, feel free to call us at Zormot. We are always happy to help. 

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