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Made in the USA

Americans are very familiar with the phrase “Buy American,” after decades of trade wars and the off-shoring of manufacturing. There are many good reasons to buy American, though. Let’s go through the Top Five. 

5 Reasons to Buy Goods Made in the USA

  1. Better safety standards – Due to lengthy struggles by the American labor movement, a safe work environment is something U.S. companies have to provide their workers. Workers cannot work more than a specific number of hours, and child labor is allowed only under prescribed circumstances. The kinds of sweatshop conditions we see in the news that exploit children and workers are not legal in America. 
  2. Safer products – The products manufacturers produce also have to meet safety standards in order to be sold. This includes rigorous testing in many cases. Buying American-made products means supporting better standards for consumers and avoiding dangers like toys painted with lead-based paint. If products prove to be dangerous after they are sold, consumers have a much better chance to address their grievances either by communicating with the manufacturer directly or by suing the company if they cannot receive recompense or a just outcome.
  3. American jobs – When you buy American-made products, Americans benefit from job creation. They also receive a guaranteed minimum wage – something that many countries around the world do not require companies to provide. The money consumers spend and workers earn goes back into our own economy, and a virtuous cycle of economic support and investment begins. 
  4. Environmental conservation – Many other countries have lower environmental standards for manufacturing than the United States does. U.S. production methods must comply with EPA safety regulations and with regulation for waste disposal. Also, an invisible cost of buying imported goods is the fuel needed to transport those goods here. Currently the price of oil is at a premium. Higher demand for fuel means higher costs for the consumer at the pump. 
  5. American independence – Our economy operates independently when we produce and purchase products that are made here. We are less at the mercy of foreign governments or companies who might choose to limit trade to accomplish other political goals. We have seen many shortages and supply chain delays during the pandemic. These have exposed the weaknesses of relying too much on producers in other countries. When American companies produce more of their own goods and other American companies purchase them, we can avoid many of these issues. 

Zormot International sources all raw materials from the United States. The shrink film we sell is high-quality, virgin polyethylene. We are proud to be an American business and employer. Call us for all of your shrink-wrap product needs. We appreciate your business! 

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