What Does VCI Film Do?

VCI Premium Shrink Film - 20' x 150' 7 MIL (tinted green)

One of Zormot’s more popular protective products is VCI film. If you don’t know what VCI film is or what it’s used for, this blog is for you.

What is VCI Film? 

VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor. This type of film is made from stretchable LDPE plastic that has been impregnated with chemicals to prevent rust. These chemicals are designed to release molecules that will attach themselves to the surface of the object the film is covering. The film protects in two ways: by providing a barrier and a chemical treatment. 

VCI film is primarily used to wrap large metal parts that will be shipped or stored for longer periods of time. Objects made of metals like iron and steel or that contain zinc, magnesium, or copper are particularly vulnerable when they are shipped over long distances or exposed to rain, snow, moisture, humidity, and salt. You need extra protection to keep them from corroding and rusting under those conditions. Using VCI film is a cost effective way to accomplish this. 

Product Features

This type of film is resistant to tearing and puncturing. It will cling tightly to the item it’s wrapping and can be applied either by hand or by machine. It’s used to great effect in export containers and crates, as well as anywhere other types of packaging isn’t practical. 

To use VCI film, all you need to do is place the objects you want to protect in the film and seal it. From there the VCIs will activate to form a layer of protection over the products. It does have to be completely encapsulated to work, however, and because the film is semi-transparent, it will create a greenhouse effect if the object it’s enveloping is left in the sun. 

Who Uses VCI Film? 

Zormot sells VCI film to companies in a variety of industries. The automotive industry uses it to protect the products they make if there are delays in production requiring extended storage of partially assembled vehicles. Crating companies will use it to cover full crates in shipping. Many manufacturers will use VCI film to protect their raw-metal products, including heavy machinery, during international transport. 

The simplest way to protect products from corrosion is to cut off any access point that moisture may have. Once a product starts to rust, it is damaged permanently. Fortunately, VCI film is a simple solution to this problem. If you have any questions about VCI film or would like to place an order, call us at Zormot International. We are always happy to help our customers get the products and tools they need. 

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