Order Your Shrink Wrap Early This Year

order your shrink wrap early

Everyone is feeling the pain at the gas pump. The price of gas is considerably higher than it was last year, and these elevated costs look like they will continue at least in the shorter term. Unfortunately, higher crude oil prices have repercussions beyond families’ transportation costs. Many other products are derived from petroleum, including shrink wrap. If you expect to purchase shrink wrap for your business or to protect your boat this fall, we recommend that you order earlier than usual this year.

What Else Is Affected by Higher Crude Oil Prices?

Beyond gas, heating oil, and propane, so many other products are derived from petroleum. Not everyone realizes that these range from asphalt to tennis rackets. What else is made from petroleum?

  • Solvents
  • Floor wax
  • Polyester clothing
  • Nylon rope
  • Carpet 
  • Eyeglasses
  • Toothbrushes
  • Heart valves
  • Roofing shingles
  • Plastic containers

In fact, anything made of plastic is derived from petroleum, and this includes shrink wrap. Zormot’s shrink wrap is manufactured from virgin polyethylene. If the crude oil price remains high, the price of all of these consumer goods will also rise over time. 

Higher gas prices also mean that it costs more to ship and deliver goods. Fortunately, Zormot’s shrink wrap is made in the United States so we haven’t been affected by lockdowns in China or shipping container backups on the West Coast, but domestic shipping will become more expensive, and, if there are fuel shortages, there may be delays there as well. 

For these reasons we recommend that if you need shrink wrap to protect your products during shipping or to wrap your patio furniture when the colder weather comes again, you should get your orders in early. 

Be Proactive and Order Your Shrink Wrap Early

In Michigan there is a much higher demand for shrink wrap in the fall because of the change in the weather. However, the plastics industry is already experiencing increased lead times, so you should be proactive. Marina orders have created a current backlog in supply, in fact. 

Don’t get caught short this fall, order your shrink wrap early to save money and ensure that you will be able to get your supply on time. Call Zormot at (800) 459-5422 to order today.

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