Poly Shrink Bags and Covers – A Convenient, Easy Wrapping Choice

Poly Cover - 24' x 100' 6 MIL CLEAR

Zormot International offers a variety of shrink film products to wrap the multitude of products our customers need to protect. Some of the most convenient shrink products we offer are the poly shrink bags and covers. These are often used by customers with a uniform size product they need to ship quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at the advantages of poly shrink bags. 

Poly Shrink Bags – Rip It and Wrap It

We stock our poly shrink bags on pre-perforated rolls. The number of bags per roll will depend on the size of the bag itself. Normally this will range from 15-25 bags. Each bag is the same size, so this product has worked as an ideal solution for customers who needed to ship hot tubs, construction-grade generators, air compressors, and road construction machines. There’s no guesswork involved calculating how much wrap you might need. You just rip it, wrap it, and go. 

For products that need to ship over land or sit for long periods in a shipping container, shrink bags offer additional protection. This protection is far superior to stretch wrap or tarping. All you need to do with a poly shrink bag is to rip a bag off the roll, place it over the product, and heat it with a shrink gun. It seals the product away from water, air, and any other contaminants. 

Normal shrink film has to be measured and cut, and for large products you want the option to cut in order to save money on shrink wrap. When time is of the essence and you have a lot of product to ship, taking time to measure and cut from a roll of shrink wrap is not helpful, though. You want a standard size bag that you can put to use with a minimum of fuss or frustration. 

Zormot offers our bags in two sizes and two film thicknesses, for a total of three options for common pallet-load applications. Zormot can also provide custom-sized bags as well. These bags are designed to create a tight-fitting seal over your items once you apply heat with your heat gun.

If you have questions about which size or thickness of bag you might need or if you need a custom-sized poly shrink bag, please contact our helpful customer service department at (800) 459-5422. We will be happy to discuss with you what your needs are so we can find you the best poly shrink bag. If you need a heat gun, we can supply that too!

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