Shrink Wrapping Electronics and Delicate Objects

shrink wrapping electronics

In our last blog piece we talked about the usefulness of shrink wrap for transporting products and especially very large objects that would be exposed to the weather and heat during their journey. Shrink wrap is great for oddly shaped objects. It’s also good for small and delicate ones. Shrink wrapping electronics is the best way to make sure they get to their destination in good condition. 

Shrink Wrapping Electronics Protects Them

If your company ships electronics or delicate accessories, you should not worry that shrink wrapping them will cause damage. This is one of the FAQs we get asked at Zormot. 

My machinery has delicate electronics and valuable accessories attached, will shrink wrapping damage them?”

It’s actually the opposite. When you shrink wrap objects, you enclose them in plastic. This means that if your item is made up of many smaller, delicate pieces, if any of those pieces were to come loose or disconnect during shipment, the shrink wrap will keep it from getting lost. 

Electronics Are a Cornerstone of the Global Economy

In today’s world we are dependent on electronics like never before. Almost every industry runs using electronic equipment, including computers, servers, video conferencing equipment, television monitors, telecommunications equipment, and laboratory equipment. All of this must be shipped and during the shipping process could easily suffer damage. Since electronic equipment is expensive, it’s important to safeguard it as much as possible to limit risk and replacement costs. 

It’s not just pallets or crates moving about during shipment that can cause damage to delicate objects. Corrosion caused by exposure to high humidity is very dangerous for electronic goods. Salty ocean air is doubly harmful. Shrink wrapping helps to limit corrosion because it covers objects and stops air and water from accessing them. 

The advantage of shrink wrap is that it shrinks and molds to objects when it’s heated. The molecules shift and contract, and they stay contracted, creating an airtight seal around the object until it is removed. This is a far superior protection method than tarping. In fact, we recommend that if you shrink wrap your products, you should not tarp them as it could damage the shrink wrap.

If your company ships electronics, shrink wrapping them is the best way to keep them safe and limit your risk. If you have any questions about shrink wrapping or the type of shrink wrap that would be best for your unique needs, call us at (800) 459-5422. We will be happy to help! 

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