Woven Cord Strapping – 3/4″ x 2100′ – WHITE – Heavy Duty


Heavy Duty

Break Strength – 1830 lbs

Woven cord strapping is used with wooden uprights and buckles to form the support structure under shrink wrap covers. It is also used to create the perimeter band that will secure the shrink wrap material.


  • Easy to apply – can be manually applied with a wire buckle and a hand tensioner. Complex, high maintenance tools are not required.
  • Easy to re-tension – stays tight on application. when loads settle, re-tensioning is simple
  • Safety – eliminates cutting injuries, minimizes spring back when cut, and is lightweight
  • Rust free and UV resistant – holds up well for outside storage applications
  • Very cost effective

Additional information

Weight13.0 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in


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