Shrink Film Minimizes Corrosion and Rusting


Why are cars, boats, and other equipment shrink wrapped? If you’ve ever seen a car or boat shrink wrapped and wondered why someone would go to the effort and expense, here’s the answer: protection. Wrapping an item in shrink film minimizes corrosion and rusting and protects the wrapped object from damage.

What Is Corrosion and Why Does It Matter?

Corrosion is the product of a chemical process in which a metal is oxidized, losing electrons due to exposure to air or water. This results in damage to the metal surface. Most metals corrode easily – which is why objects with metal surfaces like cars and outdoor furniture are painted or powder coated for protection. The purpose of the paint or powder coating is to keep gases or water from directly contacting the metal. It’s very common to see older cars or boats with rust. Even a small crack or scratch can expose the metal, and water will creep under the paint and wreak havoc on the surface over time.

People try to prevent corrosion by keeping their valuable objects like cars or boats in storage facilities that offer some protection from weather and humidity. However, most storage areas do not have the tools or the infrastructure to prevent corrosion. What is the solution, then? 

Shrink film. 

Shrink film, when properly used to wrap items, creates a safe covering for those valuable objects. Shrink film also protects plastics, polymers, and sealants from damage – not just metal. When it’s protected from corrosion, equipment will work better and better maintain its appearance. It will last far longer without repair or replacement. 

Shrink film is often used by companies or businesses to protect outdoor items like cars, trucks, boats, or equipment, but it’s also used to protect boxes, pallets or large objects during shipping. It’s a simple and affordable protective measure to take for products that could be damaged while they’re being transported. If an item is covered with shrink film that is tightly adhered to it, it’s safe from corrosion and rusting. 

You may wonder what the best type of shrink film is to protect different types of objects. There are a wide variety of shrink film products available, and knowing what size to choose for best results is important. Shrink wrap comes in different thicknesses. With the right preparation, you can use most types of shrink wrap for different applications, but one rule of thumb is that for long-distance transportations and heavy-duty equipment, thicker shrink wrap is better. 

Shrink film also comes in different colors. The most commonly used type is white. White holds up well in most climates and will not absorb heat. For colder climates and outdoor storage, blue shrink wrap is preferable because it will absorb heat and help the object shed snow or ice. Clear shrink wrap is most commonly used to cover greenhouses. It has a tendency to let moisture gather underneath, however, so it should be used in a place with proper ventilation.

Zormot International offers a large supply of quality shrink wrap products and accessories. We carry everything necessary to wrap any object. If you need to protect your products or items from corrosion or damage, please contact us. We will be glad to help you choose the best shrink film and heat tools for your needs. 

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