How Does Desiccant Provide Protection?

Desiccant - 16 Unit - 150 Bags per Drum

In an earlier blog we talked about how shrinkwrap can stop corrosion and rusting from occurring while your materials are being stored or transported. While properly wrapping items in shrink film will help keep water, air, and chemicals from damaging them, we also recommend using a corrosion inhibitor or desiccant for further protection. Here we will explain what each of these is. 

What Is a Corrosion Inhibitor? 

There are several ways to make sure that the surface of an item is protected from corrosion. One of the simplest is to cover that surface. When you shrink wrap an object, it is covered, but the film doesn’t coat the surface. A corrosion inhibitor does. It’s a petroleum-based film used to coat ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a soft, oily, water-repellent film. This will stop water or air from chemically interacting with the metal. This film can be removed later after shipping or storage with aqueous cleaners or vapor degreasing. It will not chemically damage metal objects.

What Is a Desiccant? 

A desiccant is a chemically inert dehydrating agent. It eliminates humidity by absorbing the moisture from the air within an enclosed space. You are probably familiar with desiccants, even if you didn’t know that is what they are called. When you open vitamin bottles, the silica gel packets or tiny canisters found inside underneath the cotton padding are desiccant containers. They keep your supplements from sticking to each other or degrading before they can be used. Small desiccant packets are found in all kinds of different packaging, from shoeboxes to electronics. They are so ubiquitous that people have even found other ways to use them around the house.  

Humidity in the air can damage many types of products during shipping, including electronics, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Water can do direct damage, of course, but moisture creates an environment in which fungi, mold, and bacteria can grow. None of these are desirable either when shipping products or storing possessions. A desiccant will absorb the moisture and capture it. Some desiccants can successfully absorb odor as well as moisture. 

Zormat sells Zor-Pac™ Systems desiccant either by the bag or the drum so our customers can purchase by volume, according to their needs. Many different industries, especially manufacturing companies, rely on desiccants to protect their products from harm. If you have a question about desiccants, corrosion inhibitors, or any other products Zormots sells, please contact us. We will help you select the ones for your needs.


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