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On this blog we have talked about numerous items that are necessary for any shrink wrapping job, including heat guns and the shrinkfilm itself. However, there are other handy tools you can use to make the shrink wrapping process easier or to ensure that your property remains in the best condition that it can while wrapped. We will go over various tools for shrink wrapping – and why you may want them – here.

Tools for Shrink Wrapping – What Do You Need?

You can apply shrinkfilm to an item’s surface without using anything else, but sometimes the right tool makes the job much simpler, faster, and safer to accomplish. 

If you need help forming a support structure for your shrink wrapped item, we sell woven cord strapping in two different widths. The cord strapping is used in conjunction with wooden uprights and buckles to hold it tight. This product is lightweight, cost effective, and tough enough to hold up in outside environments. It can also be used to create a perimeter band to secure shrink wrap material. If you need a strapping tension tool to pull the strapping tight, we have that as well. And we have tape available in different widths for patching holes or covering seams

When your belongings or products are covered with shrink wrap, you will want them to be protected from moisture or corrosion. We have dessicants and corrosion inhibitors for this purpose. You may also want to access them while they are being stored or transported without removing the shrinkfilm. For this need we have zippers and vents so you can make adjustments to your belongings without having to start the whole shrink-wrapping process all over again. 

Safety First

For your protection we sell both safety glasses and premium gloves. We recommend taking every safety precaution if you are working with a heat tool. Gloves will protect your arms and hands during the shrinking process, and safety glasses will protect your eyes and face. We also offer a heavy-duty shrinkfilm cutter that features a hooked end for safe cutting. This is preferable to using a knife or scissors.

At Zormot we’ve curated a wide variety of specialty tools for shrink wrapping for our customers that make whatever needs wrapping easier to wrap. If you need assistance, call or email any of our friendly and helpful team members. We will be happy to talk to you and recommend the best products for your project. 

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