Shrink Wrap vs. Tarps


While shrink wrap is a great tool to use to protect property, not everyone understands how it compares to other methods like tarping. People are very familiar with tarps as coverings, but they might not realize that tarps have real limitations in what they can effectively be used to protect. In this blog piece we will talk about the difference between shrink wrap and tarps. 

Shrink Wrap Provides Superior Protection

Covering your items with shrink wrap protects them from any direct impact of the elements as well as corrosion and rusting. Shrink wrap is applied with a heat gun. The heat shrinks the wrap tightly around the object so there is nothing between the object and the wrap. A tarp is wrapped around an object and then secured with some sort of tie. Not only can the tie become dislodged over time, any part of the tarp that is not directly secured can let air, water, or debris inside of the tarp where it can damage your property. 

Shrink wrap is a cleaner and more professional-looking solution than a tarp. Tarps can easily become torn, dirty, or dislodged. If you want your boat or your lawn furniture to look neat and tidy over the winter, you should use shrink wrap instead of a tarp. 

Shrink Wrap vs. Tarps

In terms of durability, there is no comparison. Shrink wrap lasts much longer than tarps do. Again, this is because of the way the wrap is secured. Water will not damage it. Wind will not tatter it. Snow will not weigh it down or pull at it. Because the wrap does not move, there will be no friction between it and whatever it protects. You will not have to adjust or re-wrap your shrink wrap halfway through the winter. It will remain in good condition until you remove it. If you do need to repair a tear or hole, that can be done easily with your heat gun and a little additional wrap or tape

When you do choose to remove your shrink wrap, you can also recycle it. Unlike a tarp, shrink wrap is made from recyclable plastic that can be used to make other plastic products. A used tarp can only go into the trash. 

Shrink wrapping is also cost effective. You only need to use the wrap that is necessary to cover your object. You will not need to buy multiple tarps to cover odd corners or exposed areas. You also won’t need to replace your wrap because it’s so durable. One side benefit: not having to worry about your personal items becoming damaged by the elements is priceless. 

When shipping items on trucks, some people will use both tarps and shrink wrapping. But this is not necessary! The wonderful thing about shrink wrap is that it eliminates the need for tarps. Most freight companies will add an additional tarp charge or even a hidden cost to tarp.  Since tarps are frequently dirty and full of holes, not using them protects your property from being damaged by the tarp.

In all of the above ways, shrink wrap is far better than tarps when it comes to protecting your products or property. So if you’re looking for a durable, affordable, recyclable, attractive way to ship or store items, use shrink wrap instead. If you have any questions about which type of shrink wrap would be best for your particular situation, please call us at Zormot International. We are happy to help you in any way we can. 

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