What Is Shrink Wrap Tape Used For?

shrink wrap tape

In previous blog pieces, we’ve discussed how shrink film minimizes corrosion and rusting and how shrinkwrap is applied. In this blog we are going to talk about shrink wrap tape, its uses, and how it complements shrink wrap in protecting your items for storage or shipping. 

Why Is Shrink Wrap Used for Shipping and Storage?

Shrink wrap is a durable protective covering that is flexible in terms of what it can cover and the conditions it can endure. It’s common to see items being shipped or stored underneath blue canvas tarps, but tarps do not adhere to the products they cover. Often they don’t entirely cover the objects they are supposed to protect. They can also become brittle or even shred in extreme weather conditions. 

A plastic tarp simply cannot compare to the protection capabilities of shrink wrap either in the short or long term. Shrink wrap can cover anything of any size or shape from pallets to large equipment, including cars and boats. It repels both water and wind and keeps dirt away. If nature is a threat to your products or belongings, this is your solution. 

What Is Shrink Wrap Tape Used For? 

While shrink film will tightly enclose any object it is wrapped around, sometimes using shrink wrap tape is necessary. The primary uses of shrink wrap tape are:

  • Seaming shrink wrap sheeting together
  • Patching holes in shrink wrap
  • Holding zippers and zipper doors in place

Shrink wrap tape is flexible and can be fitted around almost any surface. It’s used to tape along the edge of a joint between two sheets of shrink wrap and attach zippers and zipper inspection doors so specific areas can be accessed or inspected later. It can also maintain a seal around a protrusion through the shrink wrap, for example when wrapping scaffold tubing. 

Shrink tape is good for doing minor repairs and maintenance to shrink wrap that has torn or snagged. One caution: do not apply heat directly to shrink tape. It will not shrink like shrink film, and this is a fire hazard

Zormot International offers shrink tape in three sizes, 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch widths. Our shrink tape is a 9 MIL polyethylene tape with a strong adhesive backing and is available in four colors: white, clear, blue and green.

If you have questions about shrink wrap tape or any aspect of the shrink wrap process, feel free to call us! We are here to answer your questions and connect you with the right products for your needs. 


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