Shipping Delays Make Product Protection Even More Crucial

product protection

Currently American businesses are experiencing shipping delays across industries. This is a result of many factors, including increased product demand, production stoppages during lockdowns, long wait times for shipping containers, and a shortage of truck drivers. For companies that ship their products across the country or across the world, the delays mean that product protection during shipping is even more crucial.

A Global Economy Runs on Shipping

We live in a global economy, and that economy relies heavily on a shipping network that works efficiently. Nearly all manufactured goods travel some distance between the factory and their final destination. About 60% of goods shipped internationally spend time in containerized shipping. 

Whether your products will be shipped by truck or by ship, if you do not protect them, there’s a real risk that they will suffer moisture damage. By some estimates, 5 percent of goods shipped globally become a financial loss because they got wet, or damp, during shipping. The longer they are in shipping, the greater the risk is. The damage can range from direct water damage to corrosion or mold and bacteria overgrowth. It doesn’t take much moisture to ruin electronics or pharmaceuticals. Insurance companies often will not cover those losses. 

Product Protection

It’s because of the potential of damage from corrosion and moisture that Zormot International offers a variety of export packaging materials. These products are designed to keep moisture away from your products so they can remain in pristine condition. The product protection materials we offer are:

Desiccants – A desiccant is a chemically inert, dehydrating agent that prevents corrosion and mildew by absorbing the moisture from the air of an enclosed space. The desiccants we offer are available in 16-unit single bags or by the drum.  

Corrosion Inhibitors – Corrosion inhibitors deposit a soft, oily, water-repellent film on ferrous and non-ferrous metals that can easily be removed later. This product is available in 1-gallon or 5-gallon containers. 

VCI PaperZor-Pac™ VCI Paper inhibits rust and corrosion.  The VCI chemical is impregnated into the paper and vaporizes from the paper, dissolving in any moisture that has condensed on the metal’s surface and rendering the moisture non-corrosive. 

Each of the above products offers protection against moisture, rust, or corrosion. The type of protection that you will need will depend on the products you’re shipping, what they are made of, how you intend to ship them, and how long they will be in transit. Not every location has the same threat of moisture, of course. We recommend combining the best one for your needs with shrink wrap to keep your goods safe while they travel to the next city, the next state, or all the way across the world.

If you would like help choosing which product protection would be best for your products, please give us a call. We are always happy to help our customers find what they need. 


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