Shrink Wrap Your Boat for the Winter

shrink wrap your boat

Fall is here. It’s now time to think about how to best protect your outdoor equipment from the harsh weather conditions of wintertime. If you have a boat, we know you’ll want to pull it out of storage in the spring clean and ready to use. Shrink wrap your boat now to insulate it from pest damage, wind damage, and corrosion

Winter Conditions Are Hard on Boats

Winter is hard on all of us, but it’s particularly rough on anything left exposed outdoors. Snow is heavy and wet. Winds can cause damage. If you store your boat inside in a pole barn or storage facility, animals like birds and rodents will see it as a possibility for a cozy winter home. Wrapping your boat with shrink wrap will protect it from all of these, as well as damp, dust, and corrosion. Additionally, shrink wrap can provide greater warmth which will help shed excess snow and eliminate pressure or water pooling. 

Some owners will try to save money by using a tarp to cover their boats, but tarps do not provide the same protection at all. Shrink wrap adheres to the surface of the boat so there is no way for dust, water, or animals to get inside. Once it’s applied, the shrink wrap will not need maintenance over the winter, and it’s simple to remove when you need to use the boat again next year. 

Choose the Right Color to Shrink Wrap Your Boat

Zormot International offers shrink wrap in a variety of colors. The color wrap that’s best for your needs will depend on your local climate and weather. 

If you live in a warmer climate that gets plenty of sun, you will want to order white shrink wrap because it will reflect light and control the temperature inside of the wrap better. A temperature controlled environment prevents moisture from building up. 

If you live in a colder climate that gets plenty of snow, you will want to order blue shrink wrap. The blue color absorbs the heat from the sun and helps melt snow and ice. This protects the boat from the weight pressure of snow or ice buildup. 

Clear shrink wrap is best if you need to be able to see the boat itself. If you intend to sell the boat and you need to display it to potential buyers, this is the shrink wrap you’ll need. Be careful if you live in a warmer climate, though. Heat will get trapped by clear shrink wrap if the weather gets too hot, and that could cause damage to your boat. 

All shrink-wrapped boats will need some kind of ventilation to keep condensation at a minimum. We offer several times of vents that can be added when you shrink wrap your boat so that it can easily be vented to allow moisture to escape. 

Browse our boating supplies for all of your boat wrapping needs. If you have any questions about which products you will need to shrink wrap your boat for the winter, please call us. We are here to help and will make sure you have exactly what you need to get the job done right. 

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