Shrinkfast 998 Heat Tool Maintenance: We Can Help!

Shrinkfast 998 heat tool

Using a heat tool is an essential part of shrink wrapping objects of any size. Every piece of equipment can always break over time, however. In this blog we will talk about Shrinkfast 998 Heat Tool maintenance: what you should do to keep your Shrinkfast 998 heat tool in good condition and what to do if it breaks down. 

The Shrinkfast 998 Heat Tool

Zormot offers the Shrinkfast 998 heat tool as a powerful, lightweight, safe, and flexible piece of equipment. It can be used to heat shrink film around items of any shape or side. Using 200,000 or more BTUs of power, it can shrinkwrap a standard pallet in less than two minutes’ time. 

The Shrinkfast 998 has a patented combustion cycle that allows the flame to burn outside of the combustor which keeps the tool cool to the touch so it doesn’t burn the hands of the operator. 

One preventable problem that we continue to see with this heat tool is the sockets and combustor heads burning up. This issue is caused by one of two things:

  1. The operator is using the tool while running low on propane
  2. The heat tool’s PSI is not set to 22 PSI

If you are using Shrinkwrap 998 with insufficient propane or the PSI incorrectly set, you may see damage like this: 

If your tool has been damaged, don’t panic, though. Zormot International is certified to repair these heat tools. If you ever want us to take a look at your Shrinkfast 998, contact us at 1-800-459-5422. We offer both heat tool repair and reconditioning, and we stand by our reputation as the best in the industry. 

If you are in the middle of a project and need a heat gun immediately, we offer several different solutions. The first is that we can send a heat gun to you right away for you to use temporarily. Our repair department is also available to talk you through your heat tool issues on the phone. If you cannot fix it yourself, send the tool to us. We will get a quote to you quickly, fix your heat gun, and return it to you in 24 hours. 

Equipment breakdowns are unfortunate and inconvenient. They always seem to happen when time is of the essence. That’s why Zormot is committed to being there to help you with your maintenance problems right away – whether that’s a phone consultation, a loaner tool, or a repair order. Call us if you have an issue with your Shrinkfast 998 or any other heat tool. We are here to help! 

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