Shrinkwrap Your Ourdoor Furniture and Belongings

It’s fall now, but winter is coming soon. That means that you still have a little time to cover and protect your outdoor furniture and other belongings to shelter it from the upcoming cold, damp weather. If you don’t know how to shrinkwrap your outdoor furniture, read on. We will cover that here in this blog. 

The Trouble with Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is great – in the spring, summer, and fall. It allows you to use your patio or deck as additional living space and enjoy your yard to a fuller extent. It presents a challenge in the winter, though. Chairs, couches, chaise lounge chairs, and items like portable fireplaces and grills are bulky and oddly shaped. If you have enough space, you can store them in your garage or shed. If you don’t, what are you supposed to do? Shrinkwrap them!

Choosing the right kind of shrink wrap is important. There are several color choices. If snow accumulation is heavy in your area, you’ll want to use blue shrink film. This is because the darker color will absorb heat from the sun. That will help melt the snow and limit the weight buildup of ice and snow. If you are in a warmer climate and are more concerned about rain and wind, white shrink wrap would be better. 

Once you have selected your shrink wrap, you will want to roll it out wherever you intend to store your outdoor furniture or belongings. We have shrink wrap in various widths. Cut it to the length that you need, and then place your belongings on top of the shrink wrap. When you cut the wrap, you will need to leave enough shrink wrap extended out from your objects for it to come halfway up what will be your bundle. Think of the shrink wrap like wrapping paper and your furniture like a very large Christmas gift. 

When you have the furniture placed on the wrap, you should then add padding to anything that sticks out or has sharp edges. You do not want the wrap to become punctured because then it will be exposed to the elements. 

Fusing It Together 

From there you can place additional wrap over the bundled furniture. When you have it all covered, you can trim off any extra wrapping. You then use a heat gun to fuse the shrink wrap edges together. When all of the edges are fused, you can tape them if you want additional assurance that they will hold together. This would be a good idea if you have kids who may be playing in your yard in the winter. 

If you have a very large bundle we recommend adding shrink wrap vents. These allow for better air circulation and ventilation. Two to four vents should be enough to ventilate the space. 

The colder the weather, the more challenging it becomes to shrinkwrap items outdoors because it’s harder to melt and fuse the wrap. So call us today to order your shrink wrap and accessories. We will be happy to answer your questions and get you what you need to wrap up your outdoor furniture and belongings. When spring comes again, you will be able to remove the shrink wrap and use your furniture again, and it will be in the same condition it is now. That’s the beauty of shrink wrap! 

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